2024 Best Picks for Sea Voyages out of Faliraki – Unforgettable Journeys!


Welcome to Faliraki, the place that is magical! If there is such thing as a heaven on earth for sea enthusiasts and adventurers—this is it! This comprehensive article will guide you through all the different boat trips from Faliraki, each providing an alternative perspective on the beautiful Mediterranean.


Why Choose Faliraki For Your Boat Trip?

Much more than just another beach; with its crystal clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling, stunning coastal views and ideal weather conditions for days out at sea — in calm seas due to geographical position which results into natural beauty.


Family-friendly tours:

These tours are suitable for all ages and guarantee a safe fun-filled adventure that will create memories to last forever.


Romantic sunset cruises:

Designed especially for couples these cruises offer breathtaking champagne sunsets over the ocean.


Adventure/Snorkelling tours:

These guided snorkelling trips near Faliraki allow you to explore the underwater world which is both exciting and educational too.


Private boat tours:

A private tour allows you to design your own experience based on specific needs or occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc., thereby creating special memories while spending holidays with loved ones away from crowded cities or towns .


What Can I Expect On My Faliraki Boat Tour?

Usually our trips start from flatiron marina with stops at popular places like Anthony Quinn bay ,outran cave among others not forgetting mesmerising shipwreck located at plimsoll beach. All trips include safety equipment , guide commentary through radio system , onboard refreshments besides providing best scenic locations .


Highlight Destinations & Routes

Hidden coves along lush coastline surrounding faliron area can only be seen when one is exploring them by boats hence we selected those having most picturesque views/experiences .


Unique Features of Our Faliraki Boat Tours

Our guides are local people who love their land so much thus giving detailed descriptions of each place we visit. We are very concerned about safety that’s why all passengers must wear life jackets before boarding any boat in addition to following crew members’ safety instructions carefully.


When to Visit: Planning Your Trip

The best time for taking boat trips in faliron is during late spring i.e may till early autumn when the weather remains warm throughout this period and sea tends to be very calm . We have included some useful tips on how you can make your visit more enjoyable during these months.


What Should I Bring On My Boat Tour?

It’s always a good idea for people to have with them few essential items which can come handy while on sea like sunscreens , hats, cameras among others that can help them capture beautiful sceneries encountered along way or even wildlife seen during sailing across different waters such oceans , seas etcetera.


Booking Your Boat Tour in Faliraki

To reserve a boat trip , just go to our user-friendly website where one can make direct booking using their credit card details if they agree with management team terms and conditions set . During booking process especially if one does not hold Greek passport then photo page copy will also be needed .


Customer Stories & Reviews

This means that you should read the stories of people who have been in the places you want to go, and know what’s next. Also, look at our photos! We had some really great times on these trips.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cruises in Faliraki

What kind of clothing should I wear? How long does it last? What can I expect from them? etc. Here are answers to those questions — and more — to help clear up any remaining uncertainty before you embark on this thrilling journey of discovery.


Contact Information & Getting In Touch

Situated by the sea, Faliraki is an undiscovered treasure – which is why we’ve made every trip different so that you never see a dull moment and realise how much creativity there is to be had when blending adventure with relaxation while showcasing breathtaking views . We ask those wanting to see Faliraki from its most magical place – literally – out at sea during one of these trips aboard one of our boats! If yes please book now as seats fill up fast because this will be beyond words.



Every single spot is described by our local guides because they are passionate about their home ground. Life jackets are mandatory for all tours and safety briefings come with them.


Eco-Friendly Practices:

The natural beauty of Faliraki is something we hold dear therefore strive to preserve it. “Leave No Trace” is observed during each visit as well as employing green technology on our boats.


Photography Assistance:

We have photographers among us who can assist when need be in capturing great shots during your adventure .


Boat Tours in Faliraki – Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? How long does it last? Is there anything involved? These are just few examples of frequently asked questions related to our boat trips in Faliraki. You will find answers to most of them here.


Contact Details and How to Find Us

Our contact information along with easy directions towards our main office where we will be happy to assist with any queries or take direct bookings if necessary.


About Faliraki Boat Tours

Faliraki by sea is hidden treasure and one of our boats is perfect combination for adventure, relaxation and amazing views. Join us on board and see the magic from “the best seat in the house” as we like saying it ourselves -, not only this but also entire Rhodes island shoreline! Book now before too late!


Discover Unforgettable Adventures: Boat Tours Faliraki – Top Picks for 2024!

Welcome into an enchanting world full of sea travels around Rhodes Island… Welcome aboard! This guide gives complete freedom among all available boat trips revealing beauty of Mediterranean nature at its very bests!


Why Choose Faliraki for Your Boat Tour?

This sunny place on Earth offers much more than just beaches – crystal clear blue waters surround them everywhere therefore people keep coming back year after year. There are many other reasons too:

– The region boasts some of the most stunning coastal views in Greece thanks to its southern position overlooking Crete island through Libyan Sea;

– The climate creates perfect sailing conditions all year round which makes this area a true paradise not only for professional sailors but also for those who want to try their luck at the helm;

– Calm sea together with such natural beauties around Rhodes Island makes it an ideal place for organizing different kinds of boat trips.


Discover The Rich Marine Life

If you like snorkeling or diving then don’t miss out on the underwater part near ancient city in Greece called Phaliron (Faliraki). You can see lots of colorful fishes swimming among corals, octopuses hiding between rocks and sometimes even turtles swimming with schools of them there. Underwater visibility is excellent so if you have a camera take some nice shots as well.


Water Sports Hub

Apart from traditional cruises in Faliraki there are also many other water related activities like windsurfing, jet skiing etc. Therefore adrenaline junkies won’t be bored here because they can find something really exciting too.

Types Of Boat Trips Available In Faliraki

Family Friendly Tours

These packages were designed to ensure that all ages are safe while having fun spending quality time with their loved ones creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If you desire something more intimate, sail along the coast during sunset and drink champagne while sharing tender moments with your partner. It would be perfect if we were alone in complete silence surrounded only by nature.


Adventure & Snorkelling Tours

Phalli (Faliraki) has a vibrant underwater world that can be explored by those who love what is hidden beneath the sea surface. You can go either as a group or take an individual tour with snorkelling equipment provided for a closer look at these incredible creatures!


Private Boat Trips

This package enables one to choose an itinerary based on personal preference which may involve visiting places of personal significance. Or maybe you want to be alone with your closest friends, family members or even significant other – the choice is yours!


What To Expect On Your Faliraki Boat Tour

Usually our tours start from Marina then make a stopover at some well known land marks such as Anthony Quinn Bay or Traganou Cave before heading towards Plimiri shipwreck which will leave you amazed; here visitors get chance to dive into history while sunbathing under sunshine overlooking deserted beaches throughout last leg back home. Safety equipment will be provided and guided commentary given onboard with snacks available

Safety first! Our guides are passionate about their homeland and have deep knowledge about each place. All our tours require life jackets plus we give full safety instructions.


Planning Your Trip: Best Times to Visit

The ideal time of year for taking a boat tour in Faliraki is late spring through early autumn when temperatures are high and the sea is calm. This section offers suggestions on how to make the most out of these months.


What to Bring on Your Boat Tour

Having a checklist of necessary items will ensure that you have everything needed for spending the day at sea. Some things to include are sunscreen, hats and a camera for taking pictures of the breathtaking scenery.



Faliraki is a treasure chest best unearthed by water, as will be seen in our boat tours. In equal amounts, adventure, relaxation and awe-inspiring sights are among the many things that characterise our boat tours. We welcome you to join us on this vessel of discovery – our boat tours which will give you the best view possible of Faliraki’s magic. Book your trip today for an experience like no other!


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