Day Trips to Heaven in the Aegean Sea

Discover the hidden wonders of Faliraki through our daily boat tours.

Welcome to Sofia Sea Cruises – where we let you explore the crystal clear waters and stunning landscapes of Faliraki. Our day boats are built for adrenaline, relaxation and entertainment so that every second of your time here is unforgettable.

What Makes Us Unique?

Different routes every time

Our daily excursions cover some of the most beautiful parts both within and around Fakir. The selection highlights different aspects of natural beauty in this region, from the tranquillity of remote bays to the vibrant marine life at bustling snorkelling spots teeming with sea creatures.

For example, Anthony Quinn Bay boasts clean water which supports a thriving underwater ecosystem among others such as Gladiola Bay where swimming can take place due its calmness.

Facilities that are out of this world

Each ship from our fleet has spacious decks featuring seating areas enabling passengers to comfortably relax while enjoying panoramic views across the Aegean Sea; additionally there are premium dining options that allow travelers indulge themselves further during their journey.Safety first! Knowing how much people value their own lives when out at sea, Sofia Sea Cruises takes all necessary precautions including fitting each boat used modern safety equipment as well as employing crew members trained under international maritime law provided by IMO etcetera.

Many things to do

If what someone wants is just snorkelling around colourful reefs then these trips will be more appropriate since they provide enough chances for such activities; however if somebody needs rest under warm sunshine after observing wildlife/nature more whereas kids require entertainment – there are alternatives. In other words, anything one might wish for during a day cruise Sofia Sea Cruises has it! We can also organise special occasion boat parties for those who celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Make this cruise your own

We understand that every guest is unique so we offer different choices that enable people to personalise their voyage: types of onboard activities available; meals served while cruising; route covered over the entire duration… This means that no matter whether someone is celebrating his/her birthday today or simply wants spend romantic evening with partner somewhere far away from crowds – Sofia Sea Cruises will make it happen!

What Will I Experience?

Departure in the morning with light breakfast served on board and crew’s friendly greeting Guided tour including snorkelling and swimming stops (diving at some points) .Lunch – buffet style consisting Greek local dishes & international cuisine specialities cooked right there on deck . Afternoon rest – basking in the sun, drinking cocktails at an onsite bar etc;Return at sunset when sun paints beautiful colours over sea horizon making it perfect background against which any day spent cruising through Aegean waters should end.

Why Decide On Our Daytime Boat Trips In Faliraki?

Unbeatable Schedules

Our trips go round different scenic spots in and around the city.

The chosen routes display only the most beautiful parts of this place, ranging from still bays offering peace to lively snorkelling sites teeming with diverse fish species. Some of the common stops include Anthony Quinn’s Bay – characterised by amazingly clear blue waters full of marine life beneath them, and Gladiola Bay – which is famous for its serene swimming areas among other things.

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