Utilize Every Charm of the Sea Trips at Faliraki

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience our Sofia Sea Cruises in Faliraki which is not just another boat trip but a gateway for amazing memories within this part of Aegean and beyond.”Located right in the heart of Rhodes’ most bustling resort, we tailor our tours for all ages and interests.”In fact, we guarantee that no other cruise liner will only meet but also surpass all your cruising expectations.

Why select Faliraki Sea cruises?

Local understanding

Our knowledgeable guides lead hands-on tours, which are exclusive to any other faliraki sea cruise by telling stories that bring out the beauty and history of these places. “Explore ancient ruins near Epithelial Springs or discover stunning natural formations along the Aegean coast — we’ve got you covered!”

Different categories of cruises

Family Adventures – These are perfect for families who would like to enjoy themselves together during a holiday while creating memories for their children that will last forever. Activities may include snorkelling in crystal clear waters; wildlife watching; visiting secluded beaches where kids can play as parents relax, etc.

Romantic Sunset Cruises – Do you want to spend some private time with your loved one away from everyone else? If yes then consider going on one of our romantic sunset cruises because they offer peace blended with love against a beautiful backdrop created by setting sun over calm seas .This could be very nice also if you wanted to propose because what more can anyone ask than such an environment?

Vibrant Party Cruises – Are you ready to dance till sunrise? Well here is your chance! Step onto any DJ driven party boat among ours where different themed events take place throughout every journey ensuring maximum entertainment value during vacations spent floating around Greek islands

Customised Experiences

We understand that each visitor has different wants so we do organise customise experiences for them too . If photography is what you love most then let us know so that we can plan for you a trip which will enable to capture those magical moments at sea. On the other hand if marine conservation is your thing do not worry as apart from having fun while on board participants often involve themselves in various activities towards this during many cruises . And if throwing private parties on boats sounds like something up your alley – yes it’s possible too!

What should I expect during my cruise?

Comfort & Safety : All our ships have modern safety facilities ensuring that passengers are comfortable and safe whiles onboard.

Scenic Beauty: Sailing along hordes’ stunning coastline gives one not only magnificent views but also exposes them to clear waters found within Aegean sea region.

Marine Life Abundance: Faliraki’s waters are home to many different species hence why any itinerary made for coming to this place should always include a dolphin watching tour.

Cookery Magnificence: The meals we prepare aboard are always from fresh local ingredients meaning guests can have Greek tastes right where they sit! “Be it light snacks or gourmet dishes – we will take care of all dietary needs.”

Start Planning Now!

Booking a place on faliraki sea cruises has never been easier. Just click into our website where you will find a wide range of cruise options with detailed itineraries and exclusive online booking discounts for anyone planning family vacations, romantic getaways or even corporate team building retreats Sophia Sea Cruises promise each guest magical memories against the backdrop of Rhodes landscapes where ever possible during their time cruising these parts!

Welcome to Sofia Sea Cruises! We are the best way to get around Faliraki and the Aegean. Our sea cruises are located in the heart of Faliraki, Rhodes, and cater for everyone. You may be looking for a tranquil day on the water, an educational trip or partying all night long while sailing; we promise that our cruises will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Faliraki Sea Cruises?

We have professionally guided tours

We discuss various sites on Rhodes Island along with its natural beauty to ensure you receive an enlightening experience throughout your journey. From ancient ruins near Epithelial Springs to the fantastic formations in the Aegean Sea, we

Different Types of Cruising

Family Adventures – For families with children of all ages from babies through teens; Activities include snorkelling among dolphins playing alongside other fish species next to us in clear crystal waters where also one can see various types of marine life like starfishes etc as well as seabed exploration by kids while their parents relax on private beach among themselves etc

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